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The Holidays

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your plumbing system for the Holidays! 

  1. Do you celebrate the holidays at your house? Do you have family staying at your house for an extended period over the holidays? Are you having a large holiday party with family and friends at your house? If you answered yes to any one of these questions and you have not had your septic tank pumped in the last 3 years, we highly reccomend customers to pump their septic tank before the festivites begin. This could prevent major septic backups or blockages before everyone is at your house relying on your plumbing. This could also find problems that you already have before your family or friends arrive so there are no plumbing surprises while they are at your house.
  2. If dinner is at your house, do not pour grease down your sink. Greas builds up in the pipes of your sink and could potentially clog the drain. When your sink stops up and water won't drain, you can't clean dishes. You need clear pipes to wash dishes in a sink and even to use the dishwasher. 
  3. During the Holidays, a lot of food gets put into the garbage disposal. Make sure these foods that are put into the garbage disposal are not hard to grind or have bones in them, this will jam or break the garbage disposal. Also, turn the garbage disposal on before you put food into it, this will help prevent it from jamming. While using the garbage disposal, run cold water with it and for about 20 seconds after turning the garbage disposal off, this will help prevent the build up of food in the garbage disposal and the pipes. 
  4. Will there be a lot of people taking a shower at your house tonight? If so, conserve hot water by using the wash machine or dishwasher at night. Also, Wait about 15-20 minutes between showers, this allows the hot water heater to regenerate the hot water because no one likes a cold shower!