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Before, During and After the Storm

Before the Storm

  • Make sure all outside drains are freeflowing and can take a lot of water
  • Check guters and make sure they are clear of debris
  • Check toilets and make sure they flush and are not backing up
  • Become familiar with where shut off valves are including the main shut off valve incase something happens during the storm
  • Fill a bathtub with water to flush the toilets with
  • Check pumps and make sure they are in proper working order


During the Storm

  • Try not to put too much stress on your septic system, only flush toilets if you need too and dont take long showers
  • Keep tools near by or where you know where they are incase you need to do a quick repair or turn the water off
  • If you are using water from the bathtub to flush toilets, use the water wisely, you dont know how long you wll need it. Only flush if you have too
  • Stay safe!


After the Storm

  • Clean gutters of all debris
  • Check storm drains and clear them of any debris, if they are clogged they need to be cleaned. Call and schedule an appointment. 
  • Check exposed pipes for leakes 
  • The volume of rain a hurricane brings and the associated flooding can cause septic systems to have problems. Typical issues include toilets that drain slowly and waste water bubbling up from the ground. If you notice either of these happening, call today. 
  • Check vent pipes for any debris
  • Flush toilets and run water to make sure pipes are clear
  • Check to see if you have a gas smell outside if you have gas for your home. If you do it can be very dangerous and it needs to be fixed immediately.